St. William Catholic Church
Superior Wisconsin

Communion Ministers

If you are unable to be a communion minister on the day you are scheduled, please call a substitute.
Please be at St. William by 5:45 PM and check in.
This helps to assure that we have communion ministers for the service.

The Communion Ministers will only be distributing from the cup.  The congregants will all come up the center aisle and the priest will distribute the Hosts. 

(Please note:  The Minister who is listed first below will bring the Hosts from the Tabernacle to the altar and then return it after Communion is done.  They will also distribute the Host to the choir members upstairs.)


Date Cup Cup
January 13 Jack S Chrissie T
January 20 Amy H Lucy N
January 27 Joannie T Chrissie T
February 3 Jack S Lucy N
February 10 Lucy N Becky S
February 17 Amy H Sherry L
February 24 Joannie T Chrissie T
March 3 Jack S Amy H
March 10 Lucy N Sherry L
March 17 Joannie T Becky S
March 24 Eric S Lucy N
March 31 Jack S Amy H